I Can See Clearly Now Kit -Window Cleaner and Rain Repellent


I Can See Clearly Now Kit -Window Cleaner and Rain Repellent

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The perfect kit for getting perfect vision! Streak-free windows with hydrophobic beading capabilities

Clear View Glass Cleaner

The perfect glass cleaner for car and home.

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Rain Aid Glass Sealant

Rain Aid rain repellant will make your windscreen hydrophobic creating beading and making it a much safer driver in even the worst weather conditions.

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Glass Cloth

The Perfect glass cloth to get your car windows shining and mark free. A window cloth makes a massive difference.

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Our glass cleaning kit consists of:

ClearView Glass Cleaner making the glass shine and taking away all dirt and grime leaving you with a streak-free finish.

Low pile glass cloth for using with the cleaner to make sure that all dirt, grime and residue is taken off of the window.

Rain Aid rain repellent that will help with windscreen beading and improves visibility in the worst of weather conditions such as rain sleet and snow.


In an ideal situation, we would advise hitting your glass with a clay bar to get rid of any contaminants as well as using a glass polish, this will give you the best starting point for getting your glass not only clean but as smooth as possible meaning that it’s harder for contaminants to stick.

Spritz Clearview Glass Cleaner onto the low pile glass cloth and work into the glass making sure you cover all areas. Flip the glass microfibre cloth over and go again with the dry side of the cloth to leave a streak-free finish.

Always remember to clean the windscreen wiper as well. Most people forget to do this and as soon as the wipers are used it smears all of that dirt back over the treated glass and will minimise the effectiveness of the products. It’s not just a windscreen cleaner!

Once all windows are clean and shiny with the use of the glass cleaner, it’s now time to apply the treatment of Rain Aid. This will make your car windscreen water repellent. We advise to use on either a foam applicator pad or paper towel and cover the windscreen in a circular motion.

Once the water repellent has hazed up which normally takes 10-15 minutes, using a standard microfibre cloth, buff off product to reveal a shiny protected surface.

We advise to add a top-up every time you clean your car, this will give you perfect vision at all times and not just water beading in the wet weather.


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