Pure Final Rinse Double Bag Vessel

Pure Final Rinse Double Bag Vessel


Double the size of the single resin bag filter giving you more use and purifying more tap water into perfect pure water. Simply connect the Pure final rinse vessel to your hose (Not your pressure washer!) on the final stage of washing down your car to leave a perfect spot free finish with purified water.

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Anyone with multiple vehicles knows just how hard it is to keep them all clean, especially when nothing on the market seems to provide the results being advertised. There is a very good reason for that and the truth of the matter is that none of those chemicals and products supposedly formulated for automobiles address the real issue ? the water.

Tap Water Does Not Get Your Auto Clean!

Whether you use city water or well water, the problem is the same and that is all the impurities that are responsible for leaving those water marks that take forever and almost all your energy to buff out once you?ve washed your autos. Those impurities may be safe to drink but they certainly don?t do well with your cars and trucks. Why? For the simple reason that they don?t evaporate like water does. When your car is dry, the water is gone but the minerals and chemicals remain.

The Benefits of Pure Final Rinse Double Bag Vessel

If you are familiar with the Pure Final Rinse Single Bag Vessel, you know that the ?secret? is in the easy to change mesh resin bag that turns ordinary tap water into deionized water, you will often hear referred to simply as DI water. The end result is water free from minerals, chemicals and any other impurities left behind when washing your automobile. In simple words, it is pure water that evaporates when left to dry. Specially charged beads in the mesh bag, when water is introduced, collect impurities like minerals and chemicals, trapping them in the bag and the final rinse is pure water. DI water is the magic in the resin bags which makes car cleaning and detailing a breeze. All that buffing is a thing of the past.

If you are responsible for keeping multiple vehicles sparkling clean, the Pure Final Rinse Double Bag Vessel is the ideal size for your needs. Address any enquires to info@juicy-details.co.uk and we will respond as quickly as possible. You are going to absolutely love the Pure Final Rinse Double Bag Vessel!

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